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27 October 2023

A New Day for Retail

A new day for retail

Loyalty is the cornerstone of any successful business. Having a trusted, predictable base of supportive customers allows a business to grow and thrive. Unfortunately, the reality today doesn’t reflect this dream. Where once shoppers stuck to their favourite stores, brands, and budgets, the boundaries have faded, and the rules have changed.

Less predictable than ever

Regardless of the size of your business, being strategic and moving with the times is critical. Complex strategy isn’t limited to big businesses; it separates a growing operation from a sinking one. Read on and we’ll break down how modern businesses are adapting to this shift in consumer behaviour.

Favourites out of favour

61% of people would change from a favourite brand if another brand were on special offer.* This sentiment is reflected in a similar readiness to change shop if another is more convenient. Here today, gone tomorrow. Over a quarter of people would stop buying products because of their environmental impact.* How will drastic changes in your customers’ thinking affect you?

How do you adapt?

With well-executed, strategic marketing.
Complacency is always a killer, but in light of the shift in consumer attitudes, it’s more lethal than ever.
Long-term thinking is essential, the sale is the first step, building a brand people recognise and love is the next on your list.

Don’t get left behind – get ready for tomorrow, today.

*TGI GB 2023 September

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